body parts The Body Book (Second Edition) Buy Title the parts of the body I had been chatting using a friend the other day when he established me difficult, that I assumed that I’d share with you guys. Most of us have we and a body all know the names of the parts of the body, but exactly how many unique titles do you know for every single the main body? Where I result from, ears = lugs. This got me to thinking, hubpages features a world-wide crowd as well as in every place of the planet individuals utilize distinct titles for diverse body parts, between us we could create a detailed set of fun and entertaining names for that parts of the body, if you abandon a review below please incorporate where on earth you’re from and please avoid utilizing declare/cuss phrases for Personal parts. I’ve come up with the head being started with by several titles for body parts and operating along, I’m certain you people out there may consider a couple of more. BRAIN lover, noggin,, brain that is heid. EYES = mince pies, glasses, een. NOSE = neb, snout, beak, snouzer, snot lender, snifter. Chin flapper, pay for essay mOUTH gub, yak field, mooth.

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TORSO = boobs, breasts, bust, dumplings, melons, coconuts, udders, EMDS (Communicate dairy distribution support). Guts, sTOMACH = abdomen, abs, RECTUM booty, pit, candy manufacturer, bum, fanny. PENIS = prick, wang, bread, oneeyed snake, dipstick pecker, trouser snake pen. Pencil sharpener, catchers, vAGINA = rose, fairy, tunnel of love mitt clam, hotdog bun, vagina, top base. FEET = pins, pegs, (I couldn’t think of any more) FEET = dishes of meat, cheese producers, (I possibly couldnot think of any more) I am certain you men may execute a lot much better than I did with all the concern; lets trust the number expands and develops have some fun, but please try to keep it clean. You are able to support by rating this informative article up or along the HubPages neighborhood highlight high quality information. Useful34 – 30 – 15 – Beautiful 21 – Interesting9 Follow (1)Remarks 25 reviews Head to remark that is last livelonger7 years ago from San Francisco I – can only put in a few: MIND: egg, NOSE: schnozz, CHEST: containers, RECTUM: break, MANHOOD: dong, VAGINA: peesh (spelling?), THIGHS: gams (women only), FEET: ships jimmythejock7 years ago from Scotland Hub Writer Thanks livelonger, some very nice upgrades…jimmy Suzy7 years ago What about schlong or tallywhacker?

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ashley7 years ago I really like toenails are you able to come to e-mail and my property me one jess6 years ago Well i and i love technology its an excellent matter for people and every one of the teachers xxxx, respectively kweef196 years ago For brain I’ve got bean and hat owner, for penis I have dicky-do, skin rocket, jack beanstalk that is’s secret…for torso I have boulders of love as well as for feet I have stalks sandra6 years ago You have good questions Mishra fanishwarnath.r.6 years ago It is an excellent choice for kids inside their studies anon5 years ago Technology that is heyy is the issue that is better ever!!! =] xx Farah 5 years ago Research is thesis help a matter that is great. It reveals us every elements of aves, animals nd etc………. I m in level bt nonetheless luv this i wanna knw that is topic nd the life regimen that is daily menopausin5 years ago As men say here, ” I gotta move strain my “jesus”. ryan5 years back for penis also put “next knee” Kerrion james5 years back It a goodthing to incorporate stinger Dev4 years ago Great to obtain a number of terms that are other with same meaning which gives to interact with love that is sexualakeel3 years back its difficult Pbo Cooterkat3 years back What will you call the man Apple? Sami years ago I’ve a curosity of realizing each parts of human how to buy essays online body. In case you have particulars regarding this e.mail me.

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Mumma bear3 years back Girl component: Whooha, veiner eater, kitty purr purr, meowth, vag jj, cooter twat pooter capture, foofoo, fifi, koochie Person component: pee pee, mini me, growth stay chris wand spitting lizard, Rectum: black pit, apple that is anal, The popper, regurgitating black-hole of misfortune, storage that is alternative output product, Leather Do-fanatic, Oh toothless one,coon band, song tweeter, gas generator, Bung hole, waist hoop, butt group, Stink eye, Eclipse, Anal pore, fart valve, fudge tunnel, corn hole, stinker, oneeyed jack, Dookie hole, Dookie door, Disaster leave, The major bopper, Butt rose or pot flower, taint, sphincter, And Planb Person/Men chest: male titties, bust, TA-TAS, tee tops, locations, head lights, spot lights kitty titties sand bags, utters, dairy stop, fat carriers Mind: melon balloon, noodle, sonu3 years back It’s a really proficient site Unknown2 years back nose:nogin Brain-pineapple Krishna Neupaney2 years back Is funny and excellent too for me since I-donot know abouth that, currently this was known by me and thanks for this Vivi14 weeks ago Noose Johnk58213 months ago Some good factors were created by you there. I searched online towards the dilemma and identified many people moves as well as along with your sitecabgkgbadb Pharma613 months ago Good website! divina11 weeks ago I enjoy Register or subscribe and article employing a HubPages bill. Opinion that is 8192 characters left.Post No HTML is authorized in remarks. For marketing your Locations or other sites, comments are not.